Coming Home

I’m coming home to my baby girl who was there for me, who stayed with me through the storm will she be waiting and still care for me, will she forgive me and hold me girl I’m lonely, everybody who hears this song say a prayer for me, I’m coming home.

Long time ago, I met a girl on a lonely road, it took a while for me to get her talk to me, but eventually I succeeded , later on we found a love, definitely blessed by our father above, then I made my money and I met this Delilah and abandoned my baby.

If I had known, I would have never ever let her go, we had a love that could last through eternity, it was pure, it was true, it was stainless, people said I’d break her heart, I told them I would die before our love fell apart but I became a star and I met this Jezebel and I abandoned my baby girl.

Coming, coming, I’m coming home, home to my baby  I’m through with Delilahs, coming, coming, jah knows I’m feeling lonely, coming to my baby girl no more jezebels.

I don’t care about the fame and the money no; back home is where I wanna be girl. I won’t bear it cos the pain isn’t funny so, that’s why I swear I’d never leave girl, I know I was crazy and I was a fool to let go of you girl with you there, my days will be sunny so will you forgive me girl. I’m sorry baby girl ooh yea! To err is human, but to forgive is divine. Baby girl I really wanna make it up to you I really wanna prove my love for you have mercy girl.
"Coming home" lyrics